Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back to School

Well, it is back to school tomorrow and back to turning off this crazy time stealer in the morning. SO I thought I would blog tonight so I do not have to do it tomorrow!!

James should be home tomorrow - I am so praying for an on-time arrival - a great re-union and lots of happy Lewis people!! Yeah! I know there will be one WAY Happy Mama!! I will be one way-relieved far away friend!!

We had a great weekend - Saturday at the Arboretum, Sunday lunch with friends and then yard work! Our yard is coming along so well! The peach trees are doing great!! My herbs are growing, the lettuce is getting bigger, and lots of new things are popping up in our garden!!

The kids found a frog who lives in our water shut off tube-thingy - very technical here! He has a little hole/tunnel he hides in, but he is always there. So the kids love to check on him - too much - and give me updates. So I thought we had to get out to study nature - and here it is under our noses! Not to mention the near tame squirrels at the Arboretum! They almost ate from our hands!!

Well, off for a great week of school - we have lots to do and I am excited to get back to our normal routine! Check out this fantastic art blog too! A great friend told me about it and I LOVE IT!! Cannot wait to use tons of her ideas!! So great!

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