Friday, March 13, 2009

Internet Addiction

Well after talking with Kristen about my latest "conviction" - I have come to a few conclusions. One, I spend too much time on the computer, and yes I am on the computer now, but it is Friday, really a non-school day for us (even though we are going to do school today - that's another topic) and I need to spend less time on here.

I told her that I can sit her clicking through blogs - good ones at that - ones that inspire me with school, or draw me deeper into a longing for a closer relationship with my Savior, but really, I just need to be away from this thing more.

So she suggested something radical! I mean WOW! I would have not come to this point on my own I do not think. I mean it is radical!

Want to know what her suggestion for me was? And for herself too I might add?


WoW!! I mean - really, can you do that? Will life keep on trucking along? Will Facebook crash? Will email still work for everyone else, I mean how will I know what a high school classmate in another part of the country or world is currently doing? What if I need to know?

So, I am taking her advice. I am going to start turning it off when I start school and not back on until after rest time. I think 8 hours away will be good for me, my kids, and well imagine the time I will "re-gain" to read, sew, play checkers (our latest favorite), or just be with my dear children who are growing entirely TOO FAST and I am missing it because, well because the internet is sucking the life out of me and the time away from me!

So, blog posts may be less frequent, or maybe more that I will be focused while I am on and not just wandering aimlessly through the internet. Maybe a few days or weeks away will give me new strength to get on and not get sucked in, but today I do not have the strength, so I need some time away!

So, off I go to do school with the kids by the fire. We are planning now, we need to finish a week of school next week but want to play with our PS friends while they are on spring break. So we are going to use today to get ahead and try to keep up at least next week!!

The fire is calling.....

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