Sunday, March 8, 2009

Slow Sunday

I think this is how they (Sundays) are supposed to be but that is rare in our home.

Today we woke up on time (according to Daylight Savings and all) made it to church before our 1st graders (which is not always easy). Class was fun, we watched a video today, a first for us, on the story of Elisha. Then to "big" church, good sermon - a bit in your face about sexual purity - in your face is always good I think.

Then we invited some friends home for lunch which I described as a odd mixture in the crock pot, technically called Latin Chicken from You never know about a dish before you try it and are leery about inviting company, but it went well. They all enjoyed it, well minus one 7 year old. My kids had seconds - 2 of them - and Robert has lunch for many days! Not a bad deal!

Then almost everyone took a nap - except our oldest son, and many are still asleep.

What a nice, slow Sunday. I think this should be a regular thing for us, except wait - I usually have something to do in the afternoon, or find something to do. So maybe it is me. - nah that cannot be - must be something else!

Well, off to prep my school room tomorrow for a smooth starting week!

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