Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break FUn

We are having such a fun spring break, and well, we are not on Spring Break - which makes it more fun!! We are still plugging away with school in the mornings and with a friend on Monday and a different friend Tuesday (they were brothers). They both decided they wanted to sign up for our school, but I am not sure their mom is up for that! :)
So yesterday we played with friends we have not played with in ages and everyone was very good and had lots of fun! April and I caught up on just about everything, well maybe just lots. It was a beautiful day to be in the back yard and watch the kids play and talk about gardening! We even were fortunate to see a number of butterflies from very small - hard to see - to very big! The girls loved it!
Today we are trekking over to see our favorite animals at the zoo - with friends who are on Spring Break. A morning of playing with them, and then an afternoon of roasting a turkey! Robert is going to be home early I can feel it, especially since dinner is a turkey! His favorite - well maybe next to Lobster!
So we are enjoying the flexibility of homeschooling this week especially while all our friends are home and want to play but still getting school done so we can finish in about 6 weeks!! Yeah! Of course after about a 2-3 week break we are picking up the books again to start for next year. We will start in June - 3rd grade, 2nd grade, Kindergarten, and only one left in preschool! Big Yeah!! And I think I will be struggling to not let that little girl learn along side her big brothers!!
We are also watching our garden start to fill in! For pictures check out our nature blog - our initial pics are up of the garden - I plan to get more today of the sprouts that are showing themselves throughout!! And we will be sure to post any great zoo pictures too - even though I am not sure that is "real" nature! But for living in the metroplex - the zoo will do!!
Well, off to the zoo and a fun day with friends!!

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