Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Day

Warm weather, slower schedule, good school days ===> Happy Days!

We have had a great week of slowing down and enjoying things. We are having some great days of school - we even started a new book - well we will start today - Viking Tales. Knowing my boys and the topic we will really enjoy it! We are getting spring fever too though and we are ready to plant some more stuff in our garden today in the 80+ degrees we will be blessed with!

And God has been really blessing me with new friends! I met a few ladies for coffee about 2 weeks ago and it has just blessed me so much! These are homeschool ladies with like minds in the area of books and children and it has just been so fun getting to know them more and share our passions! God is so funny in that he brings us a gift even when we are not looking for one! And I feel like these ladies are a gift!

Friends are just such a blessing! Even when they are far away because we are fortunate to have email, cel phones and chatting. Even though sometimes little people get on and chat back to someone who does not know that they are little people and not the mom they are hoping to chat with! Right Kristen - I love you BUZZZZZ!

Anyway, our home is operating smoothly these days, of course I have not sewn this week (except to teach my eldest to sew a pillow case as a birthday gift). And I am sure that helps because I am not pre-occupied with my tasks too much and have time to just be with the kids. It is amazing how that one little thing changes the mood of everything. And even yesterday I was able to spend many hours with a new friend and I worried the kids would be climbing the walls for my attention and instead they played wonderfully for those same hours without much need for my attention. So I am realizing this growing up thing has its perks! And my cup was filled talking and sharing with my friend! And my belly too since she brought me a wonderful coffee drink!!

So slowing down has been good for us. I am sure I could find a verse to talk about this. But these last few days I have kept coming back to the phrase "There is nothing wrong with good, but I just want to pick the great things and pass on the good" - this is books, activities, everything. I mean who wants to waste their time on a good book when you can get a great one!! And same thing with life - we have such a short period of time to invest in our most valuable treasure - our kids - why waste it with only good stuff when we can choose the great!

Well, off to school the boys are about done with math - it is time to read and share!!

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