Friday, May 22, 2009

Early Weekend for the Coles

Today (Thursday May 21st) we headed out from the Point in Cushing to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. It was a quick drive – about 2 hours, and then we arrived to the only light house on the island for our first stop. The kids wanted to stay longer, not knowing what other places we were planning to see.
We stopped for a picnic lunch at the Sea wall where the kids played on the rocks as the tide was going out. They were once again hesitant to leave that spot not sure where we were off to next.
We then headed to Bar Harbor since it was almost low tide and there is a sand bar you can walk across during low tide to another small island. The kids loved that stop too! Playing in the water and looking for treasures in the rocks. A little boy’s paradise!
We then checked in to our nightly accommodations to drop off food for the fridge and get some stuff out of the car. Then we headed out to Cadillac Mountain and the sights in Acadia. We took the scenic drive for 26 miles and stopped at several places along the way to include the Sandy beach where the boys were thrilled to be in the water as far as we would let them (above the hem of their shorts despite our warnings) even little girl was in the water squealing in delight!
Today is Friday now.
Last night we had 4 very tired children who went to bed super fast and slept almost 11 hours. We woke up early – what is new in Maine? Then after a breakfast of yogurt & granola followed by the last of our ice cream (could not throw it out!) we headed back to Acadia to take a couple trails. We did see a rather large deer near our cottage on the way out – he was out for a morning stroll looking for some food in the gardens nearby.
We started at the visitor center where the kids watched a 20 minutes movie about the history of the park. We were told to go to a couple great spots for trails and then to possible see a pair of falcons. At one stop there were 2 park rangers with lots of scopes set up to view the nesting area of the falcons. The kids learned a lot about these falcons in particular as well as the nature of falcons in general. The rangers were so informative about the area and the birds! Lots of fun, and school on the road again!
After that we found a trail from near Sand Beach to Thunder hole (.75 miles each way) and we took that trail and were rewarded with amazing views, great pictures, and more tired kids!
So we are hanging out in Bar Harbor now while the kids journal about their morning and I catch up on my blog before we head back to Cushing. Hopefully I will find a WiFi connection to upload some pics and my blog entries. We have had a great two days off on our own and enjoying God’s amazing work here in Acadia!

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