Friday, May 15, 2009

Praising Him

I can list so many ways I have been feeling like Praising these past few days.

Today the top of the list if the weather - maybe up into the 70's today which is a great day in Maine! The men are golfing, I am blogging and checking up on the Internet world, and then the kids (3 younger ones) and I are meeting my mother-in-law and her mother for lunch.

Still waiting patiently on the house. It is going to start getting hard I suspect - the waiting game, the holding tight to our faith, and the sitting back and trusting God has perfect timing.

I mean I know His timing is perfect, but sometimes it is hard!

So far things are great though. We are still thoroughly enjoying Maine, Robert's parents, and his grandparents. I even spent the day shopping with Betsy Wednesday when we went down to Portland to pick up her folks. We stopped at LLBean's, Reny's (a local favorite) and a few other places. It was nice to have a day without kids and just to get out and run around.

The weather is looking to be very pleasant next week which will make it a mostly outdoor week for the kids. It is so great to let them out to just go play!

Did I mention my fabulous birthday? Lobster lunch (compliments of my in-laws), several very nice gifts, and then Robert and I headed out to see a movie and that was free for me! (Since it was my birthday!) What a great day we had! Can't tell you the last time I had lobster for my birthday, oh wait, yes I can - NEVER! So this was a fun first.

Our eldest decided he is not a big lobster fan that day, which is just fine with us, one less lobster to purchase! But the 2 younger boys are HUGE fans and finished their entire lobster. The princess enjoyed both claws and a little of my tail - but it looks like she will follow suit enjoying her own lobster in the future!

The job search is slow too. As suspected! But we are still feeling good about things are not worried yet. I pray that the worry stage holds off for some time. I know that God has a plan in all of this, we just have to wait on him to reveal it, and stay steadfast in the job search. That is my take on it anyway.

Well, life it still great in Maine, it is hard for it not to be when you look out and see the ocean, Osprey, wild turkeys, hummingbirds, and more every day! God is blessing us every day!

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  1. hey janelle, i am glad you guys are having so much fun and i'm glad you had such a great birthday!



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