Friday, May 29, 2009

A Typical Spring Day in Maine

Well, the typical days have arrived. We arrived in Maine to A-typical days of sunshine a little warm and overall great days to play outside and enjoy the spring that arrived. Well, enjoyed is a relative term for me since my allergies hit when we arrived in Maine and recently let up - much to my relief. I guess with the sun went my allergies.
So today we are looking at our 3rd day of rain and grey skies. But that is okay. We have had unseasonable great weather so far, so a few rainy days will be okay. We trekked out to town today to give the kids and me and change of scenery. We are hanging out at the Rockland Library, one of our favorite places. The boys find some favorite fun comic books, the princess plays with the doll house or train table and Robert and I get our fill of the Internet.
One more week and my mom and Louie head up to visit us for a week. None of us can wait. We are so excited to share this wonderful place with them and introduce Louie to the North East! We are planning Lobster (of course), crab, a few light houses and maybe even a ride or 2 in the canoe!
Robert did get the boat out the day before the rain arrived, so the kids all got a boat ride (some got 2) and while boating with Dad they saw a seal (either the same one twice or 2 different ones) and they watch the Osprey aggressively defend its nest against a Turkey Buzzard. We also saw the Osprey on the Rocks the other morning while doing school, he had just caught something and settled on the rocks either to get a good hold, or to ensure it was not going to survive long to fight. We looked out the window to see him about 100 yards from the porch! He was huge! This was the closest I have been to him, and he was still which was a great treat too. Usually he is flying by overhead and it is tough to really see him, but we all got a good look that morning!
Well, things are still plugging along with us, the job search continues, the house is still showing, but no offers yet. So we continue to pray for peace and patience while things start to get a little more tense as time goes on.
We do trust that God has a plan in all of this, and I believe part of his plan was for us to have this time as a family to enjoy each other, to have lots of fun together and to just have some time away from all other distractions. It has really been a wonderful gift no matter how anxious we get at times. I am thoroughly enjoying every minute to this time with out kids and with each other. I have loved watching Robert's grandparents enjoy my children as well. They talk every day with them and have some great conversations too. Watching my little girl talk with her great grandmother at breakfast is priceless. I love it!
Thanks for your continued prayers!

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