Monday, May 11, 2009

MAINE - Life as it should be

That is the slogan you read as you drive into the state of Maine. And I have to say that I agree with that sentiment.

Life here has been slow and deliberate. The kids have not asked to play the wii, watch tv, or play on the computer since we got here. They have not woken up to ask what are we doing today and we rarely tell them to go outside. Instead, after breakfast they are eager to get dressed if not already done, and beg to go outside, despite the 40+ degrees. They are out playing for longer than I can remember them playing prior to our arrival here. Usually we have to call them in to eat - also not a norm for our boys - or call them in just to see their safe faces. I feel quite safe here with them running around outside but I still like to check every now and then.

We have not kicked school back into gear - we would have today but we all wanted to spend some time exploring the library (the kids) and then Internet (Robert and I) so here we sit. And we are the only kids at the Rockland Library - so while I am constantly reminding them to be quiet it is nice to have the place to ourselves.
So as for school, I hope to start back tomorrow or Wednesday - but today the Cole Srs arrive so I expect tomorrow morning to be a busy and excited one - not one asking for school. We will see.

There is lots of living school going on - the boys have been pouring over Maine books - marine life, birds, etc - and the running around and exploring in the woods is invaluable to say the least! We have been out to a light house - so we have gotten to see the remains of sea urchins the sea gulls have eaten and talked about that process too - living school! It is fun!

So days are spent outside playing, or even sitting on the porch in the sun with a good book. How fun is that? I am quite certain it does not get any better than this!

We have had to do some creative cooking to keep costs down - so lots of chicken and pasta and rice. But no one seems to be complaining so far! Too bad I did not bring any of my great crock pot cookbooks or one pot dinner books - those would have been handy here!

I will say that the family time resulting from our slight isolation is wonderful too! There is less bickering or fighting that I think I have ever heard! The kids are getting along so much better - I think it is the fresh air and the activity they are participating in. Maybe when you are running and playing you are a bit more easy going. Who knows!

Well, I will post some more pics in the next few days.

But life is good here. We are hoping God will offer a little guidance soon, but we are trying to savor the time we have before Robert embarks on his next career journey. I feel in my heart that the timing of this and the nature of it all demands that we delight in it. This time has been a gift that we never would have been privileged to take part in had things not happened when and how they did. So delighting we are - every day!!

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