Monday, May 4, 2009

We have have had several busy days! We spent the weekend at the beach in North Carolina with the James & Kristen and James and Christy - and their kids (7 for those 2 families) and then us and our brood of 4.

We spent Saturday afternoon enjoying high tide and the sand and water. Sunday am we woke to take some sunrise pics - which I love - and then we played until about 10:30 (to check out) in the low tide and more sand and water! We even found a sand dollar, and some shark teeth! How cool!

Today (Monday) we left NC - and headed to DC to see some sights. We visited the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and the Air & Space museum. Then we took a brief driving tour of the city before heading to Baltimore and the Inner Harbor for supper. I concluded that my memory of Inner Harbor as a kid were not too close to the current reality there. I remembered a lot more food and just it being more fun. The food was okay, expensive and the fun part was disappointing too. But we got out and walked around so it worked out overall for us.

We are now resting in northern Maryland getting ready to head to West Point tomorrow to see the base there and introduce it all to the kids, then we are staying with some friends for the night and then heading to Maine. Just a great trek across the lower part of the US and now up the East Coast. We have been blessed every step of the way. We have had decent weather (if not great), tolerable traffic, and no car issues.

Did I mention that we had 2 showings at the house too? Not anything concrete but hey, 2 people wanted to see our house and one family liked it just too far from where they want to be. I am encouraged by having 2 showings and I still trust that God has this all worked out in his perfect timing!

Okay, I cannot get pics loaded, they will come later - but this is a post that I was working on...

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