Friday, July 17, 2009

A good reminder to all of us

I saw a link for this posted on facebook and wanted to share it.
It is a letter to Kate of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" - but honestly it speaks to anyone who considers them a Christian. I feel like the words that Ginger shares really apply to each of us, maybe not with our marital challenges, but maybe a situation we are faced with. It may apply to your marriage too, because when your situation is a trial, invariably Satan sets a target on your marriage. Fortunately God is good all the time, and when you depend on him to set your course straight he will.

Anyway, God is good. There are a number of new job leads Robert is working on. We are hoping to get a job offer in the next couple weeks. We are really praying that our house will find a new owner even sooner! Thank you to all of you praying for our job and home situation. We feel blessed to have some many brothers and sisters praying for us! The kids are doing great, they still think we are on an extended vacation. We are doing well and will be happy to be in the same state again (maybe tomorrow).

Again, thanks for your prayers, we love you guys!

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