Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today.... another day of ups and downs!

Ups : I got to get away for about an hour and just be alone with my ipod, and my Bible, and my notes and just really hangout in promises of God. I found the time alone refreshing and encouraging.

Ups: Robert had an interview (phone) scheduled again with a company in Frisco TX - that needs to hire immediately.

Downs: The company never answered their phone (second time now) and the only interview Robert will have at his conference this weekend is with GE. The down is that there is only 1 interview.

I did get a call from my dear friend (& my realtor) and we are still having showings and there is a little interest in the house with a single man. So we will see.

The boys are having so much fun at camp they can hardly stand it! They jump in the car in the afternoon just wired and do not stop recounting they day until we get to the house. It is so fun to see how exciting it is for the boys to be around all these new kids and just loving it. They seem to have become a part of this church very quickly - and they are so happy!

Robert and his dad are making progress with their deck - and it is looking really nice! We are enjoying the first part - and have eaten all our meals out there the last few days. That is one of our favorite parts of Michigan is hanging out outside in the afternoons - and since it is cooler than normal we are enjoying it even more!

We continue to pray for patience during this time, and we are still excited to see what God is doing! Even though we are getting frustrated, we both still trust that God is at work in our lives and we are feeling confident in the plan he has for us!

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