Sunday, July 26, 2009

Irons in the Fire

That was how Robert's aunt described us currently. Especially on the job front, an iron in Chicago today with GE, an iron this week in PA with Keystone Automotive, another one still in Arlington with Mooring, we took one out of the fire with Amazon in KY this week. And there are a few others in the fire, or at least really close to the fire. That is all very encouraging. We feel forward progress happening. That is all good.
The house is the same way, lots of great showings, a few interested, just more waiting.

But so many times I have gotten my hopes up over a single job, the one that seems perfect, or someone who sounds like a soon-to-be home buyer. And then my hopes are dashed when the employer cancels an interview (or simply does not answer the phone). Or when the home buyer indicates they found another home. It is disappointing. It is frustrating, and then I am reminded that God really does have a big picture here that he is knitting together every day in our lives. That the little disappointments will pale when we see the end picture and see what He was saving for us. Does that make sense? I think when we are past all this, we will look back and be so glad that "that" job fell through, or grateful for the actual buyer of our home and see how God orchestrated it all.

Then, as I peruse the blog world and I check on Sweet Stellan, and I once again reminded that this time on earth is fleeting, we cannot take any of it with us. We will leave this world as we came in. We cannot take the money, the things, nothing goes with us. And everything we value in this world fades away in an instant. The only thing that will matter is how did we live a life to Glorify God, what did we do with the talents he gave us, and how did we love others more than ourselves.

So as MckMama is in a hospital room today watching her precious little boy suffer immeasurably with a racing heart and slipping vitals, I hurt for her. This little boy, who is a miracle in and of himself, means so much to his dear momma whose heart is shattering. And yet, the God that gives us every miracle we have ever received, he is the God that can take away without explanation.
Don't get me wrong, I do not think God does bad things, rather he allows things to happen in our lives to do his purpose. Why Stellan is suffering is something only God knows and we will not know until we can be with him. But I do know that God has Stellan in the palm of his hand, and that he feels every ounce of pain MckMana is feeling and is holding each of her tears in his hands as well. He loves that little boy, he loves his Mama who is an amazing woman who is living out her Christianity daily. So why does bad stuff happen to good people? To make those "good" people more Christ-like. To show them that they are but dust of the Earth, but through God they can do amazing things. To draw them even closer to himself and into a more intimate relationship with him. Does it make the pain hurt less? No, but it does provide comfort during those times of pain.

God is good all the time. I really mean that. God is good whether Stellan survives this or not. God is good when prayers are not answered, and when they are. God is good. It is that simple. God is good when you are broke, when you are not. When you have lots and when you have little. God is good. It does not depend on anything. It is a choice, do I cling to the truth that God is good in all circumstances, or do I only believe that when life is good?

I have chosen to believe that God is good all the time. And all the time, God is good! And I will continue to pray that Stellan has a full healing and lives a very long life, that Robert will get a job soon (and one that he loves) and that God will sell our house. Big and little things. In all of them I trust : God is good.

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