Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Listening to the rain fall

Tonight has been a great night to relax, get a little crafting done and just enjoy the sound of the rain falling outside.

Yesterday was a bit crazy for us because we had a sick little boy Sunday night. So sick that I moved to the couch to sleep with him thinking he might fall asleep if I was there. He was having a really hard time breathing and that is always hard to listen to for your little boy (or girl). I knew we would be trekking to the doctor in the morning and so we just gutted it out that night.

We ended up at our normal pediatrician - Dr Mann (who really is amazing) and we found out he has either pneumonia or Bronchitis and has Strep. So, yes a sick little boy.

Did I mention the throwing up all morning? No, well we had lots of that too - 3 times. I am very proud to say that he figured out the throwing up part quickly and never missed the toilet or the bucket! yeah! (for mom)

At the dr, he got a shot of antibiotics (due to the vomiting) and some medicine (lotion for the vomiting, really cool if you think about it!) and a prescription for more antibiotics. Once we got home he crashed on the couch for about 3 hours, then woke, drank some cranberry juice, and watched tv until dinner. Finally he ate and then he complained of a tummy ache - of course it was empty ALL day!! Needless to say he slept well last night and woke up a new boy this morning. Today you could hardly tell he was sick - except and occasional cough!

Robert is working evenings & nights this week, so we had a great lunch with dad, started our Jesse tree daily devotions with our chocolate Advent calendars and kicked off the family traditions in style! Then we all got some much needed work done around the house before Dad headed out to work.

I am excited because I actually got some sewing in tonight - and plan to do lots more this week in the afternoon/evenings! My oldest boy even started working on some Christmas gifts - he has high aspirations of all the gifts he is planning to make (wonder where he gets that from!).

So, all is well here. I love to sleep to the sound of rain falling, so I think I am off to bed. Even though Thanksgiving is over, I am still so thankful!

For good doctors, medicine, sleeping children, gentle rains, Dr Pepper, a wonderful husband who works very hard at work and at home, and all the many things God has given to me and our family!

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