Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our "Arctic" Adventure

It took a while to prepare. We had to plan: clothes, jackets, gloves, blankets, food, drink, etc. Route, destination, and parking. (well I honestly did not plan the parking well)

Then there was the packing: the Army Duffel bag with blankets and gloves. The hot "cooler" with breakfast burritos wrapped in foil and hot from the over, the thermos filled with hot cocoa - with 4 to go travel mugs for four little travellers.

Destination: UNKNOWN as far the the kids knew anyway.
Departure time: 0600 hrs - or about that time.

So yes, Robert helped me pull of an (possible new tradition for our family) Arctic adventure.

We braved the cold and went to the Dallas Children's parade today with some great friends! It was so much fun (if you ignore the whining kids, crying little girl, and the cold!!)! The kids were bundled up - our friends arrived right after we did and we took over a small section of side walk at about 7am. The people started to fill in. The clowns began walking the streets with all their antics. And we sipped our hot cocoa under our blankets, gloves and hats!

It was great. We are going back next year (we think) and plan to bring Dad this time!

Was it cold? Oh my - it was in the 20's when we arrived, probably in the high 30's low 40's when we left - we were in sleeping bags (thanks to the Gladdens since we forgot ours) wearing our gloves and snuggling together. But it was great to see Spider man, Hello Kitty, the Star Wars crew and lots more!!

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