Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sad Saturday :(

When we started this day I really really thought it may end differently. I mean it has been 7 years....7 LONG years and I just thought surely this is the year. But no, even though I was so halftime we had it. Well not that 3 points counts for much. But once again this year, we lost to Navy. So sad. It is so hard to watch our beloved Army Black Knights lose. I cannot imagine how those seniors feel, another class to never beat Navy.

Here are the kids before the game...cheering the cadets on to victory....

But it was a fun game to watch, closer than the last few years and more fun I think too. Then Robert headed out to work and I got out the sewing machine. I finished all the stockings but J's - I need more binding tape and then they are done. I still plan to make 4 more for the future when we add to our family (through marriage we hope). I also played with some scrap fabric and I think I am making place mats for Christmas supper.

We received the coolest book today from my mom in Oregon. I thought it was just (not really just, but well.....)another Christmas book which I could add to our basket of Christmas books in the living room. I love to add new books each year, but this book is special!! It is the Night Before Christmas, but it is read by my mom and recorded in the book. So as you turn a page she starts reading. It is really cool!! So the kids get to sit and listen to my mom read them a book whenever they want! I love it! And it is just so cool to see God continue to restore my relationship with her, to allow us to continue to get to know each other, see how similar we are, and to just grow closer. I feel so blessed to have her back in my life!

One more week of Robert working swing shift and then it will be back to normal for our family. I will admit it is no fun going to be alone in that cold empty bed. I am ready to have my heater back in my bed to help me out with warming it up! And not to mention I am not usually to anxious to go to bed alone, it is lonely. Not that I am whining, it is great to have him home in the afternoons and the kids are seeing so much more of him and that is great. But I am ready for normal life again!

Well, here is to another Army Navy Game - and let's hope that next year we BEAT NAVY!! Hats off to both those cadets and midshipman who watched their last game before graduating. I continue to be grateful for those willing to serve our country by putting their lives on the line! God Bless our troops!

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