Thursday, December 3, 2009


Peace - what does that actually mean? How does it apply in our lives? Especially at Christmas?

Jesus says "My peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." John 14:27

This is what I read this morning while trying to find a moment of peace while my big boys do their math and the little boy and girl, do something.....

And this verse just kind of hit me up-side my head! Just yesterday Robert told me I received an email from someone who somehow causes me to let go of that peace. So I was in knots for a little while, then I turned to Facebook to get my mind off my anxiety....silly thing to do. Does facebook bring anyone peace? No - it only adds useless info to your already full mind.... it may encourage you occasionally, but for the big picture, I know I should not be turning to FB to bring me peace.

During the holidays is my biggest struggle with peace. If you have ever been around me in December my pulse is usually elevated, my anxiety attacks kick in, and my back goes out. That is my pattern. Last year it was not as bad as usual. We kept things low key and tried to not let ourselves get too busy.

This year the process started, almost as soon as Thanksgiving was over.... so much to do .... stockings to finish, gifts to make, candy ingredients to buy... and on and on. Then I had to just have a good talk with myself. I mean really. For one, there are lots of days until the BIG day. Lots of trips to Walmart, lots of quiet evenings to get out my sewing machine, and really who is watching, who is keeping track of all that needs to be done? No one! No one but me. And really, can I not give myself a break??

Yes, I can - and I am committing to.

One of my favorite quotes for somewhere... How do you eat an elephant? A bite at a time!

Janelle's version, How do you tackle Christmas? A task at a time and lots of prayer and quiet time mixed in.

The reality is, if I keep aiming for the Peace of Christ during this holiday, and let the anxiety just fall away, things will go much better. I mean really, they will. And maybe my back will make it all month with no issues - that would be a miracle!!

The Peace that Christ leaves us is not a peace that we see in this world. It is a supernatural peace. One that cannot be explained. It is the lady in line at a store behind tons of people with a smile on her face and a happy greeting for those around her. It is singing songs and reading books with your kids even though you have other things you planned for that period of time. It is not getting upset when you get an email from "that person" - instead you pray for them. Pray that God will help you reflect the truth back to them and not your anger, not your hurt heart, not the bad, just encourage that person, because honestly isn't that what she really needs? And isn't that who God has really called us to be?

So as I strive for peace in a crazy chaotic world, I trust that I can find that peace in only one place - not Facebook, not my Christmas tree, not in my kids, but in the God I serve, in the one who I love and trust in. God Bless!

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