Saturday, October 23, 2010

A full day for us

We started our day pretty early this morning by heading up to Dallas/Fort Worth.  We planned to do a series of errands and then end the day at a birthday party for a sweet 5 year old friend!!

So we hit Sprouts, Walmart (a big one), Target, Half-Price books, the Irving library (woohoo to that one), pick up some Mary Kay, drop off some boys clothes to a friend, and ….am I missing anything?

So yes, we had a packed day.  But we found some treasures along the way – a 6 tape set of Adventures in Odyssey for $1!!  That is a bargain indeed!!  My young son found this on the sale shelf at the library!  And we checked out 30 books too – can you tell I am a little in need of some good books out here?  Love this country life, but the libraries need some work!  But I am not complaining at all – especially if I can trek up and check out some books in Irving!

I also needed to stock up on our favorite – Steel Cut Oats – and would you believe they were $.50 a pound!!  What a deal!  I pay about $1.50 at Central Market (when I have to) but today Sprouts made my day!!

The best part of our day was our birthday party though!  The best part of the party was seeing Russ painting faces!! Loved it!!

trip to DFW oct 2010 022



trip to DFW oct 2010 023












Here I was trying to get a pic of her butterfly to show her – He did a great job for his first butterfly!!


trip to DFW oct 2010 025 trip to DFW oct 2010 026


trip to DFW oct 2010 027 Super cute cake!!  Loved the Farm/Barn theme!!


Here are some pics of the pony rides – lots of fun there too!!

trip to DFW oct 2010 040trip to DFW oct 2010 028 


trip to DFW oct 2010 030   


trip to DFW oct 2010 034  trip to DFW oct 2010 036


trip to DFW oct 2010 037


   Does she look happy?  Or what? 

It was a long day – but well worth the smiles near the end!!

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