Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun Day

Today, the kids and I went into Dallas and spent the day doing lots of fun things!!

4 smiling kids

We started at the Arboretum and enjoyed lots of colorful pumpkins and some other kids stuff


3 sweet brothers better


4 more smiling kids  

pj in pumpkins 2


AG in pumpkins 


ED in pumpkins 


JB in pumpkins


me and kids


Then after some fun times playing and taking pictures, we headed to Central Market to pick up a few favorite things (we cannot find in the area by us)

Next, we headed out to the zoo – we have not been in a while, so we wanted to stop in the Nature Center and ask a number of questions, trade a few things in, and then see the new Giants of the Savannah exhibit.

at the zoo

more giraffe




checking out below 


enjoying the animals 


fun fish


giraffe a


jb with elephant behind

We made it home after spending a few minutes with some friends in Arlington.  We are all beat, but it was a fun day!!

I love fall – no matter where we are, and going to the Arboretum for their Fall Celebration is a favorite now, thanks to Lisa for inviting us the first time!!

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