Thursday, October 27, 2011

Book Review: I am in Here

I seem to be learning more and more about autism every day.  While, I have not been directly affected by this condition, I have friends who have, and are involved daily with someone who has autism.



I find this condition so very intriguing so, when given the chance to read and review I am in HERE by Elizabeth Bonker and Virginia Green, I was very pleased.  This is certainly not a “feel” good book, but it sure will encourage you. 

Elizabeth is a girl who has autism, and she and her mother wrote this book together.  Elizabeth has an amazing gift of poetry.  While she is completely non-verbal she writes some incredibly deep and poignant poems. 

We are not all dealing with autism, but we are all dealing with our own issues in life.  I felt like Virginia offered great perspective on those times in our lives when we are struggling to understand, cope, or survive.  She talks about “How” people throughout her book.  It is a great opportunity to reflect on our lives and determine if we are “How” people to others in our lives.

The poetry that Virginia weaves through the book, which Elizabeth wrote, is really stunning.  We read poetry daily in our homeschool, and I thought that Elizabeth’s is just as good as many famous poems we have read.

I really did feel like  I am in Here educated me tremendously as I read more and more about Autism and how is has affected Elizabeth.  It also made me realize how someone who is non-verbal must feel, whether a senior citizen in the nursing home, or another autistic child.

I would recommend this book to anyone who works with Autistic children, lives with an Autistic child, or simply wants to know more.  The more we all know about this condition, the greater support we can offer to those who live with it.

NOTE : I was offered this book, at no cost,  in exchange for an honest review, by Baker Publishing Group.

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