Monday, October 3, 2011


I love Mondays.  A return to routine.  A new start.  I know I have said this all before, but it seems to be true every week for me!

Today was a great Monday (well, still is).  It was so nice to wake up in my bed, pick clothes from my closet and not my suitcase, and have breakfast with all my boys!

It was really nice to get make some bread this morning (so we had food for lunch), get laundry going (and hanging in the back yard), and school back into session.  It was my normal. 

What a great week we (AG and I) had in Baltimore and NY.  We saw friends, fun places and ate some yummy food!  If you missed any pics, here are a few to check out.

(This is just our day in NYC … I will post USMA and Baltimore pics tomorrow)

We are already planning the next trip up to West Point (our Rockbound Highland Home).  It will be 5 years from now, but the whole gang will be going.  We cannot wait – the boys most of all!  By then, we will be seriously thinking about college plans, is there a better time to go than that?  I do not think so!

So we are settling in back home, me a bit better than AG – she is readjusting to brothers, chores and “no” – I have marinara sauce simmering, about to blog a book review for next week, and am planning my next attempt at caramels!  The windows are open – a gentle breeze for this Texas home – and it has been a while since we have enjoyed this kind of weather.

So all is good here and much to be thankful for!!

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