Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Review : When the Smoke Clears

The first book, in the Deadly Reunions Series is titled When the Smoke Clears, and it was written by Lynetter Eason.

This is my first time to read anything by Ms. Eason and I am glad to have found her, I will be looking for her older novels and anxiously waiting for the next in this series!

I enjoyed this story very much.  I felt like her characters were easy to relate with, and interesting enough to want to know more about.   I enjoyed following along with the story of Alexia reconnecting to her mother after a hard childhood.  Once she graduated from high school, Alexia left her home and never looked back.   Until now.  She heads “home” to reconnect with friends and family, in time for her high school reunion.

The story of forgiveness resonates throughout the story, which is one we can always read again and again. 

Since this is the first in the series, there were many unanswered questions at the conclusion of this book, and I cannot wait to read the next book!  I thought Lynette Eason wrote a great story, one that kept me hooked from the time I started until it was over.  (Well, except that I am still hooked because I want to know what happens next.) 

Bottom Line is I highly recommend this book, it is a quick read, with some inspiration twisted up with some suspense, action and a bit of romance.   I am going to be a new Lynette Eason reader thanks to this book!!

NOTE : I received a copy of When the Smoke Clears, in exchange for an honest review, Revell Publishers.

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