Monday, February 20, 2012

A little of Sally

Oh, what a weekend!  It was wonderful, so much info bouncing around in my head and I just want to jump up and change the world – at least the one I live in here.  Oh, yeah, except that I can hardly move – thanks to throwing out my back last night.

I guess God was hoping to slow me down just a bit, since I may have run my kids off with all this great stuff I learned at the Whole Heart Conference.  So, since I can hardly move, and when I do move it is as slow as a snail, I guess  get some more time to really think about what all this great info looks like in our home.

One of the main points I took home from this conference, a theme, so to say – was Embracing Culture.  This does not mean to jump in and join them, again I am not jumping much right now.  But it means not running from it.  It means knowing what is relevant and current in our culture – and understanding why those things are so popular and then being able to tie it all together with how that relates to our faith and Jesus.  Wow.  I have not heard her talk much about this topic in the past, but since she is fully embracing culture with her son in Hollywood, her daughter at Oxford, and another son just graduated from music school – she is living out this “embrace culture” thing.


Really, I am doing this subject justice, but let me let Joy share it with you from her point of view! (This is the speech she has been giving for a national competition)


So, please pray that my back will get better, quickly, I promise to slow down even if it gets better!

And stick around, I hope to share more thoughts on life after the 2012 Whole Heart Conference!!

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