Monday, August 6, 2012

Blessed Weekend

It is always hard to say goodbye.  Sometimes you have no warning and often feel that you never really did say goodbye.  We were so blessed with this final goodbye, as a family.


This weekend we celebrated the life of Dorothy Cole.  She was Robert’s grandmother.  We were so blessed because we all knew it was coming and just about everyone got to see Grandma before she finally departed!


So this weekend, we all met up in Vernon.  The son and daughter and all of their children, and all of their children.  Just about 23 people in this gathering, and lots of fun was had!!  It was a celebration.  Dorothy lived 85 years, and about 2 weeks before she died, she asked Christ into her heart.  Her Grandson Brian (my brother in law) talked with her during her first stay in the hospital, where she was struggling with lots of fear.  I would like to think after asking Christ into her heart, that fear went away.

burgers and swimming 

9 kids swimming

So as we celebrated we told many stories, and laughed lots!  There was some time for cousins to swim, while many went ot the viewing, I honestly felt like my kids did not need to see that.  So we stayed behind and swam while Robert went with his family. 

After the funeral we swam again with even more cousins!

Then we met at Grandma’s favorite restaurant in Vernon, the China Buffet.  And we ate and laughed some more. 

final gathering

Then we went out to the cemetery, saw the plot of Robert’s Great Grandparents, nearby was the plot where Robert’s grandfather was buried and where Dorothy joined him.

great great grandparents

Then after final goodbyes, we all travelled back home.


We will all miss Grandma, her love for cooking and all things homemade.  We will miss her spunk and stubbornness.  But we were all so thankful that we all had the time to tell her we loved her and goodbye, before she finally departed!!

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