Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 4 {Maryland}

We had a fun day, once again!  We spent the morning hiking at a different park.

8 kids about to hike

  The kids loved this hike as there was a stream just off the path that was spring fed!  They found all kinds of fun stuff, mushrooms, frogs, cool rocks and lots of other great stuff!

8 silly kids on a log

AG and her mushrooms

AG with her mushrooms

all our finds

with all of their finds-

exploring the stream

KG and her mushroomsOregon Ridge park

They delighted in the mica in the rocks, dirt and all around – they loved grabbing handfuls of what looked like glitter!

Once we finished that we had a great picnic before heading back for some rest time.

Friday nights at the Lewis home are spent with pizza for dinner, followed by popcorn and a movie!  It was a great day for everyone!

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