Monday, August 13, 2012

{Maine Bound} Day 2

What a day.  I expected Day 1 to be hard, we were driving 11 hours, so I knew it would be a long day.  But the day I drove  4 hours  was by far worse.  Still not sure why.

But we did have some fun despite grumpy kids.  We stopped at Ft Campbell to drive around and see some sites. 

101st gatesmuseum display 1The kids were thrilled about the Motor Pools- the yards of vehicles parked.  We did get to stop at the (closed) museum and walk around some planes and other fun displays though.



Next we drive by our first house -

first home


Then it was off to meet some great friends for lunch.  We were a bit early though, so we took advantage of some free time and a beautiful river walk…

another river walkhugging on the swingriver walkswing


After lunch we stopped by to visit a bit more with our friends at their house.  The kids enjoyed rolling around with their dog and playing with the cat.  Then we headed off to our next hotel in Lexington.

Once we got settled, we were all worn out & the time change happened too – so we went to bed early.  It did result in an early wake up (5:00am) but I am okay with that.

Next stop : Baltimore with the Lewis Family!!  Yeah!!

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