Thursday, August 9, 2012

School or Vacation? Both!!

So what do you do when you head to Maine as the summer is closing and everyone else is heading back to school?  I mean, we are not running out there for a few days, in fact is will be a pretty good amount of time.  I had hoped to school most of the days this summer, so we would be ahead, but oh well, life happened and we did not.  Instead we had cousin camp, we made many trips to DFW to play and see doctors, and we just played.  So now, instead of leaving all the school behind, we are taking it with us!

I love homeschooling for more reasons than I can count.  But I love that you can take it with you when you travel the country for 9 months during unemployment, and I love it when you can take it with you and enjoy 60-70 temps while Texas is cooking at about 110 degrees!!

So we are taking math – we all need to do math as much as possible.  We are taking brand new nature/art journals and I am most excited about these! 

We are also taking an old favorite – Pagoo by Holling C. Holling.  We are also doing a lovely notebook with Pagoo that I found online here – I cannot wait.  AG will be coloring her Ocean Notebook while the boys write and fill lots of great stuff in.

We also have our notebooks for our travel. 

travel notebooks

We have route maps so they can track where we are and how we are getting to our destination.

route maps

This year I included some coloring pages of each state we will visit that includes the state flower, bird, map, and capitol.  Here is an example:


Along with several Dover Publishers sample pages.  These should keep the kids busy, entertained and learning a bit as we trek along through thirteen states this summer!!

fun page

In addition to those educational things I have planned we are going to spend hours and hours examining tide pools, star fish, tides, small islands and lots of other local sites in Maine!!   We are looking forward to seeing a William Wegman exhibit near where we are going to stay!  We had a weimaraner a long time ago and William is one of our favorite photographers.


We are going to have tons of fun, but we are going to make sure to be learning lots of stuff too!!

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  1. This looks awesome, Janelle! And I love those journals! You've inspired me to be more intentional for our Florida vacation!



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