Thursday, November 8, 2012

A little R&R

I can honestly say I have never spent more than a few hours in my home alone.  Never.  Until this week!

My sweet husband took our brood of children camping and I got to stay home.  I almost tried to talk myself into going, really guilting myself.  I mean, I do not want them to go off and have all this fun without me!

But the reality was that I knew I would get more out of being home alone than going with them.  I knew a little quiet time, a little sewing time, and a little napping too – would all equal a much happier mom!  So I did stay.  And I spent two and a half days doing just those things.  I sewed a few Christmas gifts for my kids.  I read a whole book on Wednesday from cover to cover!!  How cool is that? 

I also made some yummy chili for my gang to come home to, and a pumpkin pie will be made tomorrow for dinner as well!

These past two days have made me appreciate the noise in my home, the hugs and kisses that I get all day (I am not a touch person)slight chaos day to day.  The quiet has made me very thankful for the mess makers, the noise makers –also known as my kids.  While I try to remember these days are fleeting by, I really do not fully grasp that.   I do not realize the house will be quiet, the days will be open, the messes will be less. 

Each phase has its own blessings, its own challenges and rewards, but I think the beauty of life is in being where you are fully.  Embracing the good and being truly content. 

I will be ready to greet my gang tomorrow when they get home, I know they will all be ready to see me!  It is good to have little breaks every now and then, especially for this mom who is with her kids 24 hours of every day – all year. I love what I do, but getting a break makes me love it even more!

Here are some pics of the camping fun…

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