Sunday, June 28, 2009

It never stops around here!

Didn't I start the day blogging about how we were enjoying a relaxing morning getting ready for church?

Well, we made it to church & had a great service at a Baptist Church up here in Portage. Then we made it home to have lunch and get ready for afternoon rest time. As I came down stairs to pick up the kitchen the phone rang. I did not make it to the phone before it went to voice mail for some reason, but I did not think anything of it. So when the phone rang again in about 2 minutes I figured they were calling back. I did not expect to hear "This is Portage 911, is everything okay there?"

I mean, I know I have an ER/accident prone child. We have decided to call him our "Inquisitive One" because that is what he is. And yes, it has been about 12 months since our last emergency room trip. Well, I take that back. I did take him to the Dr with no appointment (I skipped the ER because of co-pay) when I smashed his finger in the door. Which resulted in losing his nail, but that was about it.
Our last legitimate ER trip was when he tried to prove (to himself without my knowledge) that he could swim in our neighborhood pool without his float thing. We were there alone and so I did not know or see until I started counting heads. We did visit the ER that day to find out he had water in his lungs, but would recover.

So today I knew at once it was him. He has been napping in Betsy's room in the afternoon because we like to spread everyone out. So I knew he was in there with a phone.

So I asked him if he was on the phone. He denied touching it. I told him the police were on the way to the house because of his call. At that point he started to cry. Then he asked me what they were going to do. And "Are you going to keep me?"

I hugged him and assured him I was keeping him, but that he cannot call 911 anymore unless it is a real emergency!

Like I said, it never stops around here!!

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  1. If for some reason you should decide not to keep him, let me know. We do want to adopt again :)



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