Friday, June 12, 2009

A Little Catch up Time

Well, it has been too long between updates! And we have had a great couple of weeks. We are about to head out to Michigan for the time being. We have loved being in Maine and will miss it terribly, but well it is time to move on.
We have been here 5 weeks and have seen 7 light houses (Owl’s Head, 2 Lights, Portland Head light, Bar Harbor, Rockland & Marshall Point), a National Park (Acadia), tons of animals (seals, jelly fish, turkeys, deer, crab, lobster, ducks, and many birds).
This last week we have feasted. We feel like eating in Maine is always a feast, but another lobster supper, crab rolls for dinner, clam chowder, haddock chowder, rhubarb pie, from scratch strawberry shortcake, and more I cannot remember! So we are ready for some simple, lighter meals in the weeks to come.
We hope to get to participate in VBS while in Michigan and expect to see a couple museums too. Not to mention the great lakes, we hope to get over to see the beach at one of those too!
The job search continues, but leads continue to trickle in. There are a couple job conferences coming up next month and you never know what will happen. Our home is still our home much to our dismay. But we are hoping in the next few weeks the buyers will pick up and we will have more showings.
Moral is still good. We are still expecting God to reveal his plan for us and where he wants us to be. We are hoping he chooses to sell our house sooner rather than later! The kids are still enjoying every moment and are not showing any signs of worry on their end. That is a blessing for Robert and me, we do not need to work too much about them.
I hope to upload some more pics this weekend at if you want to check those out.
We continue to feel the effect of the prayer of our friends and family and we thank you. We feel very blessed to have so many people in our lives praying for us. We miss our friends in Texas and hope to come back soon to close our house!!
That is about it for now. We have had a great time this past week with my mom and Louie – they loved Maine, the food, the kids, and the sights too. It was great to spend the week with them, the kids were in heaven getting so much attention and having many more day trips that usual!
Today we visited the farm that my Great Grandfather owned - today. We loved seeing the property and were sad it is so overgrown. It was a fun trip through NH and we even stopped in to see my Great Grandfather's church where he preached for 50 years. What a legacy.
Tomorrow my mom and Louie are off to Oregon and we are headed back to the house to prepare to leave for Michigan on Tuesday! Never a dull moment!!

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