Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Settling In..... again

We are settling in to our current "home" in Michigan. We arrived on Tuesday night after 2 long days of driving. We are unpacked and getting all settled into our rooms.

The kids are in heaven to see all the toys their Grammie has been storing up for them. They are excited to see other kids in the neighborhood and to feel warm weather that we can really enjoy!

Robert has gotten a number of leads lately, which we are very excited about. Still not sure what will happen, but we are excited that it seems like some areas of employment are picking up. The house is showing too, so I am hoping something big happens there soon!

No other news for us, we are happy to be in Michigan and I know we are going to have lots of fun going to VBS, the park, concerts, and all sorts of other fun things!!

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