Sunday, June 28, 2009


Well, for today anyway, we are relaxing. Actually, this morning. This afternoon Robert will start marking the back yard for the new deck, so tomorrow he can rent a gas Auger to dig all 30 holes for the deck posts.

So as we wait to head out to church, we are relaxing, I am surfing, the boys are watching Animal Planet (a treat we do not have in our home) and Robert is working a puzzle with our little girl. Just a great morning.

Robert's folks will be back from New Mexico tomorrow so that will be great to see them! We can't wait to hear about Robert's second cousin's wedding this weekend! Not to mention the fun times they all had in New Mexico.

Then it looks like Robert will be flying out to Texas later this week for a conference there in a week or so. From Texas he will be flying to AZ for an interview out there before the conference. Wouldn't it be great for Robert to get a couple offers that he could choose from? That would be a great thing! But really, we only need one offer, assuming it is the right one!

The heat here in Michigan has subsided and we are enjoying the windows open and cool breezes through the day! This is the great part of being up north in the summer! We have been so blessed to be able to swim at a neighbor's house too. Betsy had a new family move on to her street and they have 2 boys (8 and 6) who have been enjoying some play time with our boys. Swimming is always fun, be even more so when it is on the street we are staying on and with new friends!! God is so amazing to work out even little details like new friends, a pool close by, and a fun reading program too that they boys are so excited about!!

Not sure when we will be leaving the Michigan area, but we are enjoying it for now. Robert will enjoy some time back in Texas (not the heat of course) but being back in our house for a little while and seeing our friends at church too hopefully! Hopefully he will come back with great news and we will enjoy the last of our time up here as a family before he gets back to work somewhere!!

Thanks for your continued prayers from our family and friends! We still feel completely covered by God's grace and peace! He is such a good God all the time!

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