Monday, February 8, 2010

Embracing my Monday

I have come to really love my Mondays.  This is a new season in  my life, this love of Mondays.  Not sure where it came from.  Not sure why it is new.  But it is.

I love that they start anew.  I feel a bit of adventure on Monday as I look over our week.  I love to see the list of all the things we will read this week as part of our schooling with Ambleside.  I love to pick a verse for me and one for the kids to focus on.  I love to start over.

I do so enjoy our weekends with Robert home.  Time as a family – doing things we enjoy. 

But Mondays are a bit more special.  Time to reset the house after a busy weekend.  Time to resupply our clean clothes. Time to reorganize a hectic home.

Today I am so thankful for a great weekend celebrating life in our home.


My gratitude journal today:

046.  A sweet boy of 9 who is growing into a fine young man

047.  Seeing that same boy learn to tame his anger and tongue and seeing fruit in his life

048.  a day in church when you feel the LORD speak to your heart and comfort you in your angst.

049.  seeing relationships with new friends grow and flourish and to see the promise of greatness from the Lord in those relationships

050.  Seeing places where you believe God is calling you to serve him.

051.  Getting a phone call from God telling you that you do not need to store manna  - that he will provide our daily needs until he tells us otherwise.

052.  rainy days that keep us in by the fire, reading, writing, coloring and being together.

053.  feeling God confirm a longing he has placed on my heart, but changing my husband’s – and knowing only God could do that

054.  finding comfort and strength in His word, seeing new words each time I open His book, and hearing Him speak through those words

055.  Tim Tebow and what he and his family openly stand for – for the courage to stand for what he believes – for athletes with integrity

056.  For prayers said over small people, and seeing those prayers light up their face, to see them take the words like a gift and store them inside.

057.  for little girls (mine & my niece) growing too fast, but turning into sweet little ladies – and for their delightful smiles that warm my heart

058.  For post-nap shows when I can catch up with Kristen

059.  for Sunday School teachers who almost cry when the find out it is your son’s birthday and they did not know

060. for cousins who never tire of each other’s company

What a great weekend – lots of family, lots of sugar, lots of fun.  I will post some pics soon!


My verse this week:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 

Ephesians 6:12

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