Friday, February 26, 2010

Panting for water

As the deer pants for the streams of water, so my soul pants for you O God. Psalm 42:1

I think that is the verse I am carrying into my weekend.  I get to run off today after lunch with some friends for a time of renewal, refreshment and fun at the Whole Heart Mother Conference.  I cannot wait!

The menu includes:

Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Fried Rice, Peanut butter Fudge

Couscous, beans and apricot Nectar Cake

cheese, chicken salad, and other various snacks.

We plan to swim tonight in the hotel pool after our session, I know we are going to browse some amazing books, and we are going to hear what God has laid on Sally Clarkson’s heart for us to hear!

I am just tickled.  I cannot wait.

I do feel like that deer, I am thirsting for a word from God.  Not that I have not felt him moving in our lives or heard him speaking through is word.  This panting is a more specific panting.  Sally speaks to my heart as a homeschool mom and as a wife who is very committed to my family.  She has a way of saying things that do not add guilt to my already heavy load, but instead inspiration, encouragement and refreshment.

She may say – not “Yu need to have tea parties with your kids if you want to be a good mom.”  Instead, “did you know that by having a tea party with your children you open their minds in new ways and inspire them to greatness.  YOu get to share something sweet and gentle, something intimate and special.” -   Something like that.   I just love her approach and it does inspire me.

So I am off to clean like a mad woman, cook like a starving one and finish packing.  I hope to have pics to share and lots of wisdom too!!

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