Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun Time

I found some time this afternoon to play while the kids played the wii and watched some Olympics!

These dish rags were not made today – but this is my new hobby – crocheting – I LOVE IT!!

Here are 2 that I made recently – I will admit that perfect squares are not the finished product yet, but I still love them!

2 dish rags

striped dish rag

But today I did find time to replace my children’s poor towels.  A case of the peddlers children never have nice shoes!  I have made these towels for almost everyone, but my kids towels are shredded and falling apart.  So today they each got new towels – well not the princess – her towel was not very old.

2 wii players modelling their towel

The boys modeling with their wii motes too!!

Here is our youngest boy with his new towel!

  E in his towel Here is a new craft I have found and love to make!!  Love these!  Little snap wallets!

snappy wallets

This is a purse that I have seen online and you can buy the pattern, but I am too cheap to do that so I came up with how I think they should be made – here is my first version:

 A's drawstring bag

Below is my second purse – and again I think I am in love!  Love the fabric extras I had left over from past projects, but love the purse so much!!

another DS bag DS bag 2

So it was a fun afternoon and I have lots to show for it!!

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