Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Wonderings


This is a week.  I mean, it is February and I know that – and I know that our most consistent snow comes on Valentines Day – (as far as I can tell) but seriously?  Again?  We have had 2 or 3 snows already this year, and that is crazy for this hot Texas region!  But once again, we are expecting snow tomorrow.  Crazy!

Kind of like my life, unexpected, but predictable at the same time.  God.  He is moving big in our lives, still.  Unexpected because I have not come to expect him to always move big – not daily anyway.  But predictable.  Predictable because when you are following where he is leading you, he moves!   I should start to expect that kind of thing in my life.

He is moving in our hearts and changing how we live each moment of our days.  I see these changes in me: with our children, with my quiet time, with my heart.  But I see it too with my dear husband.  I see his response changing, I see his heart molding more like His, and I see God’s fingerprints on him.  And my children too: I see their increased patience with one another, I see a milder expression of a temper, I see a bit speedier obedience.  I see hearts changing, and that is just cool!!

  feb 2010 001 feb 2010 002

feb 2010 030

This is our youngest son with a Christmas craft from his Grammie and Papa – he mixed the molding material (by hand) then he held his hand still enough to make the form to make the above mold.  I love it!  A sweet hand!


Birthday Time!  Cupcakes, cake, and Daddy helping out too!!

Our big boy turned 9 on Sunday!!  Here he is with his banner the other kids and I made while he went out to see a movie with his grandparents!  It was fun to make it and he loved it!  Below he is blowing out candles on his cake with our cousin party!

feb 2010 017 feb 2010 015

I have been finding some moments to craft too!!  I love a blog I found Little Birdie Secrets I learned how to make these:


feb 2010 025

feb 2010 026   

Little crocheted flowers!! there is a tutorial with a video here!  It was so fun to figure them out yesterday!  I am hooked now and just want to buy more yarn to make more, and more!!

So here we are on a Wednesday reflecting back on the past few days.  It is exciting to feel God moving in your midst, encouraging you and even comforting you.  I have felt those things these last few days, well maybe more than days.  Like I said we have some big things going on in our lives and we really are feeling God lead us down some new paths.  With that comes an increase in spiritual attacks, but it also brings an intimacy with our Lord that makes it all so special!!

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