Thursday, December 15, 2011

Book Review : World of Science

If you read and enjoyed my review for the World of Animals you will enjoy this one as well.  Both of these books have many things in common : a faith based approach, highly educational, and amazing pictures!

I am so thrilled to be gifting this great book to one of my older boys for Christmas, both of my boys love books they can pour over, and books that make them feel smart!!The World of Science

This book is amazing!  There are 6 major sections of this book : Matter and Chemicals; Energy, Motion and Machines; Electricity and Magnetism; Light and Sound; Earth and Life; and finally Space and Time.

I love that there are scientists featured throughout the book, I want my kids to know the truth about these scientists, and that many had a strong faith in God.  In fact, there are science discovery highlights on almost every page spread featuring a scientist.  I know I mentioned the great pictures, but they really make you want to dive right in and figure out what all the pictures are.


We do not use traditional text books in our homeschool curriculum, but if we did this would be my first pick for a science text book.  Even though it will not be a school book, this will be a book I know my boys are in all the time.  It will also be a great reference book for projects in the future.

Speaking of projects, there are over 60 science experiments that the kids can do, these are projects they kids can, mostly, set up and do with little guidance. 

One of the other features I love about this book is all the other information, the boxes with “Did you know” sections.  It is not a book that will be tossed aside by any child with a healthy appetite to learn, in fact I am pretty sure this book well loved before too much time passes in 2012!

You can check out a preview of this book HERE.

Finally, like all Master Books I have reviewed, I simply love these books.  They take a topic we want to teach our kids and they are able to present the necessary information in a manner that ties it all together with a Biblical World View.  This benefit is not something to take lightly, it is a treasure when the pieces can come together so wonderfully!!  I highly recommend this book!!

NOTE : I received a copy of this book at no cost, in exchange for an honest opinion by Master Books.

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