Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nativity Day

I have been waiting for today all month!  It is our nativity day!  We are going to watch the movie The Nativity Story (a favorite). 

The Nativity Story

I have been planning this for a while, but the kids did not know and have been asking to watch that movie each time we declare movie time!  So I know they are going to be thrilled!

We are going to make a fun nativity too.  I found Catholic Icing somewhere.  Not sure where.  Well, she has a darling nativity that the kids color in and tape/glue on toilet paper tubes.  I have been saving these tubes for ages for whatever would come along.  I am thrilled to have more than we need for this craft!!

So check it out!  I love the story of the nativity, each time we look at a nativity or talk about it is a chance to share the story again!  What a great story of all the people in the nativity and how they were chosen by God to be the ones we are still talking about today!!

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