Monday, December 12, 2011

Tamale Time

Everything is more fun with friends!  And while I did not take any pics of today’s fun, trust me when I tell you it was great!

My friend Penny raided her freezer for a few pork roasts, I prepared everything else to make our Corn & Green Chili Tamales – and we dove right in today!!

Our kids played so sweetly while we cooked a few pork roasts, made about 6 cups of Masa to mix with the corn, green chilis and cheese to make about 5 dozen Green Corn Tamales!

Once things settled down this afternoon and the pork was finished slow cooking in the oven, I pulled it out, sorted through the fat and yuck – and got lots of great meat.  Then I used a pinterest tip I learned about shredding chicken breasts in your Kitchen Aid mixer, and I used my Bosch to shred our pork, instead of the 2 forks!  I hate to shred cooked meat – and oh my!!  This tip was amazing!!  So I have more shredded pork than I have ever seen, and tomorrow is full scare pork tamale production!!

Meanwhile, the kids played Monopoly, ran around outside, and jumped on the trampoline.  A perfect day in everyone’s book I think!

I will try to get some pics tomorrow of our tamales to share!

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  1. im pretty sure that i might need the whole tamale recipe. i would love to make them. don't really know if i will; but, i do know that i want to in my head. :) miss ya girlie!!!! xoxo



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