Thursday, December 15, 2011

Goings on here on the Farm

Oh my.  There is really never a dull moment!!

big girl hens

{mostly our new young hens –

should be laying eggs any day}


Louie and the girls

{Louie and our hens behind him}

This week Robert rearranged the pasture – moved all the coops, pulled up some garden pavers, and well rebuilt a fence.  While moving the coops the kids were all too happy to help!


helping dad

{sweet helpers in the back}


j learning the ropes

{learning the ropes}

Why a fence?  Well, on Sunday after church my sweet neighbor stopped by to tell me Clarabell was out, the police came, she was running up and down the highway.  Oh my.  He got her into his pasture (with his cows, her new best friends) and that she was fine.

sweet clarabell (2)

Robert was thrilled to have to re-do the fence, Clarabell was not happy to be in the back yard.  She was downright upset that we took her from her new friends, and that she could not get back there.

So after a few fix-ups – Robert let her out to see what she would do.  And by golly, she had no desire to stay in our pasture.  So we had to beg, bribe, and offer the bottle to get her near the back yard again.  Fun times! 

Clarabell and the hens

It is pretty funny to watch your husband (with a stick) and your three boys try to get a young calf to calmly walk to her yard.  Did I mention, Ornery?  Very!!

Anyway, she got put away.  Then today Robert really fixed it all.  No more spots for her to get out.  So we let her out again, and you know what?  She cleverly (yes, cows are more clever than I thought) grazes her way over to her “freedom” – or so she thought.  She arrived at the new fence and was not too happy. 

Oh, fun times!!

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