Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cooking Under Pressure

I love when I have a plan for meals, when I sit and schedule meals for a week or two or three.  But then there are those weeks when I have no plan, not much food and I have to wing it.

I am finding my go-to tool is my pressure cooker!  I can cook up almost anything so quick!!  Then other night I grabbed some frozen sausage, a few potatoes and some lettuce from the garden.  Voila – dinner. 

I threw the sausage in the pressure cooker for about 10 minutes with a little water and cooked it up.

potatoes in pressure cooker

While it cooked I cleaned, cut up and seasoned my potatoes.  Took the sausage out, threw the potatoes in with the same water and cooked those for about 6 minutes.


Meanwhile I cleaned and chopped lettuce and threw in a few more veggies and it all came together very quickly!!

pressure cooker

I love my pressure cooker!!

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