Wednesday, April 29, 2009

En route!

We are en route to Maine still. We are currently in North Carolina with the Lewis bunch and are having a great time!

We had a nice day of playing in the yard and just having fun with friends, and the boys even got to go to Awana tonight with friends we met last time we were here. So we dropped off 4 kids at Awana and then Kristen and I went shopping at Good will! It seems I did not pack enough shorts for my oldest boy, but they did not have any, so we were out of luck. Kristen found a few treasures though as she was in desperate need of some news clothes.

The road trip here went amazingly well, but our kids are veterans at road trips so they usually do well. They were thrilled with our new DVD system in the van - this is a first for us! So they were allowed one movie during our 7 hour day and 2 during our 12 hour day. Not to mention all the great Adventures in Odyssey CDs that I had as well.

Robert and I listened to Sally Clarkson from 1998 I think - her Whole Hearted Mothering conference. It was great! What an encouragement as far as homeschooling and being a mom in general. I enjoyed hearing all of her encouraging advice, and I think Robert realized how big of a scope this homeschooling thing is. Anyway it was great and the kids did not even fuss!

So here we are waiting, trusting and enjoying - we are still feeling excited about this chance to get away as a family and spend some good quality time together. But we are also eager to see the path that God reveals to us and where that will be.

I hope to post some pics of the World's Largest Pinecones - well at least the biggest we have seen - and the kids are loving that!

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