Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seeing HIS hand

I am feeling immeasurably blessed today. Seeing God working right in front of you and not mistaking it or thinking it could be anything else is wonderful! It is peaceful and joyful!! That is a lot of "ful"s!

I am seeing God work in Stellan's life as we speak - and he may not need immediate cardiac surgery - which for a 4 month old can be very dangerous! What a miracle that little boy is! What a rock his mother is! What an inspiration!!

And God is working here too. We have found a home for our dog - a task that needed to be done a while ago, but when I tried God gently said no. I did not know that Izzie was supposed to go to the home of a wonderful mom - with 8 kids at home - yes AT HOME, 2 are out already and 2 more from the Ukraine are due in!! Isn't God just cool??

I emailed to check on Izzie last night, and my (new) friend told me that Izzie had been playing non-stop all day with her children, and that her 11 year old son with some issues - has bonded with her unlike any other dog they have owned. She specifically said - I think this dog is going to change his life! AMEN!! What a blessing! I had no idea! But God did and that is just so much fun to see him doing this and opening my eyes to see it all!

I feel like we are resting in his palm, that close to him, able to see what he is doing right in front of us and I can honestly say, I have never felt this way before. I have never turned over the reigns, or steering wheel, or whatever to him so fully. There is such a peace in my heart. I love it!

Wish I could have done this sooner!!

God is good ALL the TIME!!!

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