Sunday, April 19, 2009

I stand in awe these days.

I know that God is working in our lives before we are even aware, leading us down a path or setting things in motion for a bigger picture, but when you get down that path and you look back it is amazing to see all the things he WAS doing.

My friend went back and read some old posts and reminded me of this one in respect to what is going on today in our lives. And I woke up early this morning, and while I should be preparing for Sunday School, I instead chose to read some of my past posts to look back and see God's hand in where I am today. It is amazing to see me blog about what was going on then and how it directly relates to today.

Okay, so it is now Sunday evening as I finish this up and God moved big again today - I should say I saw him move big today - I think he moves big all the time & every day - but so often we miss it.

This morning I prayed (while making cupcakes for my youngest boy's party) that God would speak to Robert at church this morning. That our pastor would say something that Robert really needed to hear. Well, he did that and more. The sermon was "Three things God wants you to know when you are going through a tough time" - okay that was like Adam saying - Hey Robert let me share something with you! The verses he used were ones that I have written on my note cards that I am keeping close by. The same verses are ones that I have been studying for several weeks with an online E-Bible study that I am part of. Okay - I have to say - I love when God speaks in many ways the same thing! LOVE IT!! And today the songs, the sermon, the verses were all so perfectly chosen for such a time as this! I felt like we were once again resting in God's palm. So peaceful and secure!

Of course I have had my moments of doubt even after that great morning. But after talking with my mom, I am once again refocused, re-energized and inspired. She just reminded me that there will be down times and that when we focus on those we lose sight of the big stuff God is doing in front of our face. So I am going to stop letting those thoughts linger, and look to him to lift me up.

God is good no matter what happens. He always is. He is good when times are bad, when we are lost and confused, he is always good. But right now he is good because he continues to encourage and inspire my heart with TONS of little things, verses, friends & family, so many things. I am not going to stop smiling and feeling full of joy despite the crazy turn our lives have taken. I know that he loves all of us, and we are willing to follow and serve him 100% to the ends of the Earth and I mean literally. So how can this not be an amazing journey? I can't wait to see our destination!!

PS - Keep praying for Stellan he should have surgery on Tuesday. Pray for mom and family back home too. Prayer is amazing!

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