Monday, April 27, 2009

On the Road again

Yes, we are on the road again. So far we have made it to Mississippi. We had a great evening with my aunt and uncle and a great meal too! The kids loved running in the yard and playing and simply being out of their seats!

We did have to load up in the pouring rain, and we packed much more info our vehicle than we thought we were taking or than would fit. But we finally had it all in the car, the kids too and we headed out. I was expecting a feeling of relief after driving away from the house and I did! It was great to know the house looks great, the kids will not make any more messes (at least there) and that we did not have to do anything else besides visit friends and family and savor our time off.

We are still excited and feeling a great deal of peace through all of this. We are still not sure where God is leading us but we are feeling that we have plenty of time to figure it all out. We plan to enjoy some time in NC with the Lewis family before completing out trek to Maine.

Well, we need to get some good sleep before our long day tomorrow - many thanks to all who are praying for us! We are feeling very safe and secure in the arms of our Lord!

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