Monday, March 1, 2010


Have you  ever felt like you were drinking from a fire hydrant?  That is how I feel after this weekend.  I feel like I need a couple days just to digest all that I learned this weekend.  I was able to get away from the everyday responsibilities of life and escape to a lovely hotel, with friends, to a time of refreshment.  But now I just want to snuggle up with my workbook, my Bible and a notepad to list out all the things I want to implement and dive into deeper. 

It was just so good.


It always is.  Sally Clarkson is just great.  She is so real, so transparent and so encouraging!  I always walk away encouraged.  But I want to chew on things.  Digest them.  Really let the soak in.  I feel like I was given all this great stuff and then thrown back into my real life and it was move at the same pace as when I left.  So there is not time to take a breath and think.

dancing with my father

This weekend Sally spoke about her book “Dancing with my Father” – her main talks were about renewing your habits, renewing your heart, renewing your home, and finally renewing your hope.  Can you see a theme?  Renewal – we all need it.  We need to be reminded to seek it out.


Sally’s eldest daughter Sarah spoke about her book – a book about books.  She loves literature – she loves good books.  I am excited to curl up with her book and highlight some books that peak my interest.


So [Donna], what did I learn?  A few main points:

1.  We need to train the will of our children through training their heart and soul

2.  We need to take time to renew our hearts – time each day to do something that restores and renews [I do not do this regularly, I think I am going to make a point to do this daily]

3.  That we go through tough times to equip us to help others going through tough times later.  We cannot pour out what we do not have.  We gain hope and faith through trails.

4.  I was created to be life-giving.  To my children, to my husband, to others in my life.

…… just to name a few.

It was a great time – and it made me so excited to see my children too – even though it was really only about 30 hours away – they were good hours.

So, I came home thinking about all the changes I want to make as I strive toward excellence with my family, but also reflecting on all the things I am glad we do. 


I am always grateful for the path our lives are following, today I am very grateful for

091.  a husband who encourages me to get away and recharge

092. my in-laws who were wonderful to watch  my children while I was away and Robert worked.

093. Sally and her sweet family who encourage me in many ways

094.  tea time with my kids, even if they still slurp while sipping

095.  children who are getting better are listening and being quiet while Dad sleeps

096.  spring showing itself in new plants popping up in the yard

097.  an upcoming trip to Oregon – through many new states

098.  700+ ladies who gathered together, who share a love of family

099.  a love of good literature in our home, where children pick up good books and make new life-long friends!

100. a doctor who quickly diagnoses and a specialist with an opening this week

101.  knowing that I serve a God who can heal with out surgery if it is his will, and choosing to trust Him with my healing!

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