Monday, January 31, 2011

blessing of friends

It’s my favorite day of the week again!  I love that I get to start a new week every 7 days – I know that sounds silly.  But, you see, I get bogged down often, by goals, by things I failed to do, by life, and instead of getting more and more bogged down, I get a new start on Monday.  At least that is how I feel!


Jan 28 Polly with tongue

This is Polly – one of our sweet puppies!


We had a fabulous weekend as a family – this was Robert’s 4 day weekend.  We get this every 4 weeks and we love these extra days at home together.  It was capped off on Sunday with a wonderful visit to see friends and their home.  When we pulled up there were chickens running around – and be still my heart!  I just love seeing chickens out, doing their thing!  They were attacking every bug they could find, and that precious rooster was keeping his girls together and under his watch!  SO fun!

Jan 28 Cheeks with cheeks

This is cheeks – can you tell why we named her that?  They are getting so big!  I expect eggs soon!


Not to mention the weather here was fabulous!!  You could not ask for a better weekend in Texas in January!  We enjoyed a few walks this weekend down our road, and in general spent as much time soaking up those rays as possible!!  And this week we are expecting snow – TWICE!!  Seriously??  Thank goodness for our sweet friends who blessed us with some firewood yesterday too!!  How sweet!

So, yes, it is Monday and time for the gratitude journal entry ~





0356.  visiting friends and playing

0357. free firewood – cut specifically to fit our little stove

0358. borrowed books

0359. getting 3 weeks of school done in 2 Smile

0360.  starting to get ready for a year of schooling 4 kids instead of 2 and a half

0361.  planning to trek to Grand Prairie to help a friend move

0362.  a meal of the best beef stew I have had, accompanied by the most wonderful “easy” rolls!!

0363.  committing to VBS as the Craft person!!  So excited about that!

0364.  Dave Ramsey & his system

0365.  Getting to the cross road with #364 and deciding to stick with it even though I want to run away and quit!!

0366. hearing a man tell about a trip to far off regions … so excited and so changed!  Seeing God work through his there and here is a blessing!

0367.  the puzzle table ~ a perpetual puzzle seems to be going with everyone helping – that is so fun!Jan 28 Star Wars puzzle done

0368. completing the Star Wars puzzle – the most active participant was PJ – so proud!


PJ with Puzzle

0369. The commission system working so well so far!  The boys all bought their own lego sets with their money this weekend!  This led to hours of quiet for the rest of us!

Jan 30 assembling legos


0370. The start of our Water Buffalo fund-raising.  We have a whopping – $34 so far – the kids all chose to put part of their money this past week toward our fund along with some money we had previously saved up “for such a time as this”– and we are excited to watch it grow!

So, now it is off to school these blessings (AKA my children) and get some bread baking!  It is going to be a full week – but a good one! 


  1. Hope this week is a wonderful one for you!


  2. Stopping by from Ann's. i agree- Dave Ramsey has some great stuff!



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