Monday, January 31, 2011

Learning to learn again



One of my favorite parts of schooling my children is getting a chance to do it all over again.  When I was a kid I was pretty good in school.  Did not have to try too hard to get okay grades, and probably mildly bored.  But since I did not have to try too much, I think I missed out terribly – I think I missed out on much of my education. 

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It could be that it was presented in a way that was not exciting – that did not inspire me to dig deeper.

This time though, things are different. 

If you asked me as a kid, my favorite subjects were math and science – I think, anyway.  Then I went to that crazy college where HISTORY was drilled into us.  When I say drilled – I mean drilled.  I have heard that we are only a few credits away from a history degree upon graduation. (for that matter I think we were close to a number of degrees – we took so many classes it would make your mind spin!)


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I hated every history class we had to take – and yes, it was HAD – we had no choice in the matter.  I mean, I know it makes sense, in the military you need to know the history of many things.  But seriously, it was horrible for me.  I passed a few of these classes by the skin of my teeth!!

If you were to ask me today, as a teacher of all subjects : what is my favorite subject?


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Well, today my friends it is by far ~ history!  I love it.  I cannot tell you how inspired I am to connect dots that I never knew existed.  I want to dig deeper!  I want to watch all the movies on Netflix that I can – much to the chagrin of my husband who has to sit through the ones they mail you, so we can get another!  But I am delighted by these movies, by this time period, and by understanding how it all ties together!


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I love how Ambleside weaves the schedule for each year together so you are reading many books about the same time period, literature books, free reads, history books, stories of martyrs, – in such a way that you read one thing and the next you are reading something else referencing what you just learned!  We get so excited when we read about someone or something and then a week or two later, pick up an “unrelated” book and read something else about that same thing.


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I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach  my children, I am so ever grateful that we live in a state that is currently very hands-off with regards to their rules.  I love teaching my children far beyond the scope of anything I learned.  I love to get excited and see them get excited about how it fits together!  I just know that my kids may miss out on many things (so they tell me – as homeschoolers) but more than anything they will miss out on, they are gaining a joy of learning and an appetite to dig deeper, that I hope will follow them all the days of their lives!

Stay tuned, because I cannot wait to share what I am learning about Shakespeare – in the next few days or so.  Fascinating!!  And Fun!


*Photos all evidence of learning.

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  1. I love teaching my kids too. I find myself wanting to learn more all the time. I find myself excited about what we are learning.



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