Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday {that feels like a Saturday}

january 2011 049  


I am so glad it is Monday!  I am so glad I get to start another week over – well start a new week.  I am failing in a few areas I really hoped to do well this year, but then doing well in a few more important areas.  My problem overall?  I tend to be an overachiever at times – sad, I know – and I want to do great in all the areas I am trying to improve.  Whew!  It is tiring!

So, today I am glad I get to start a week fresh, new, clean, no failures or disappointment.  A new week!!

And Robert is off for 3 days on top of that, so it feels a bit like a Saturday (big breakfast, warm fire, and Robert home) and yet like a Monday – a new clean week!

Today I am going to manage to cook quite a bit while schooling these kids and enjoying our Monday/Saturday.


january 2011 062


We did wake to snow falling.  What a site!  The funny thing is I got up early (something I have been doing well this year) to read my Bible – while reading PJ came out to join me (we are all reading along together).  So as we sat and read, and I really was thrilled to have him across the table at like 6:45 reading with me, another child came running in to tell us it was snowing!  So fun!


january 2011 065


After a bit more reading – the kids took off to play while it was still snowing and sticking (which did not last long – the snow was gone before breakfast).  They came in to a hot cup of tea and were out again. 


january 2011 055

AG trying to get Shasta to watch the news & see the snow on TV – he tolerates so much from her!


january 2011 075


So, what is working? 

1.  Daily Bible Reading – following the Manna plan

2.  Daily prayer time – going through my cards each  morning and praying for family and friends.

{note I started with many blank cards, and as I continue to pray for those people, god has gently laid a few specific things to pray for them as I go along – that has been fun!}

3.  Playing with the kids and reading more for fun – we are enjoying Kidnapped by Stevenson illustrated by Wyeth / and playing Qbitz quite a bit!


What is not working?

1. Exercise is a BIG failure right now – and bugging me… oh well

2.  Meal planning – something I have done well in the past is not going so well – I need to resolve this quick!

3.  Money – we are planning to save a lot this year – and it just stinks – it stinks when you want to save and you spend and when you want to spend and you are supposed to save.  It stinks.

We did start Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey through our church yesterday – and I am excited and grumpy about it all at the same time!  Grumpy because it is going to hurt some days and excited to see how much we can really change our lives and the lives of our children!

But more than anything, I sit here grateful, for so much.  For an amazing year already!  And thankful that Ann inspires us to journal our gratitude and keep track of 1000 things to be grateful for each Monday.  SO here is my list for today


0276.  Keeping up in my Bible reading (even getting a bit ahead)

0277.  Seeing my sweet son get up early to read with me

0278.  First snow falling – and delighted children squealing outside!

0279.  A fireplace Robert can manage to get really warm

0280.  Dave Ramsey and his heart to share his wisdom

0281.  A husband who forgives me when I start taking wallpaper down – when it was not in the budget

0282.  quiche on a Saturday/Monday morning with the family; devouring almost 2 whole ones!

0283.  The promise of a yummy supper : Cheeseburger Soup

0284.  A day of school by the fire

0285.  cars that work

0286.  hugs from boys too big – growing too fast – eating too much – and one little girl

0287.  chicken in the freezer

0288.  the ability to remember God’s word – and the desire to remember more

0289.  God’s word and how it speaks differently each time you read it

0290.  friends who love; near and far & the joy of praying for them

0291. watching my kids take pictures of life and each other

0292. Boys who will see to the chickens and puppies on cold mornings.

0293.  starting a book with one child and having all three others, join in the journey, just because


  1. I really enjoyed this post Janelle! Thanks for your honesty...I too am struggling with my exercise goals...I did great last week but I already feel off the wagon today. I guess we just get back on!:) I also agree with you on your feelings about FPU...I know it will be hard and not fun but so worth it! We can do it!!
    Thankful for new friends!

  2. just have to say...your blog blesses me so. :0)




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