Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have always loved Easter. 




I grew up in a home where going to church was not weekly, but more like bi-annually.  And I know we often went on Easter when I was a child.

But since the change, since I chose to follow Him, Easter has easily become one of two of my favorite holidays.

The gift we were given – the promise he made to us – the freedom offered.  Amazing.


Almost too much to consider as I sit in my living room watching 2 boys coloring complex coloring pages, another drifts out with left-0ver mustard greens to offer our chickens.  Me sitting here in my all too real world.  The mess in the corner.  The dishwasher humming in the kitchen.  The air warming, almost enough to justify the air conditioner to turn back on.

But it was real.  It was the ultimate gift.  No matter where I am. 
I have the freedom today because he gave everything HE had for me.  For my future.  He loved me so much.  It can make my mind spin.  He thought I was worth everything.  Me.  Who yells too much, who thinks of myself too often, who is not worthy.  Except …. He thought I was.  And without my earning any of it, he gave all so I could have freedom, a future, and LIFE.

I love this time of the year, if I can stop running of life to think about it long enough, or even at all.  I love that my children are learning at such a young age concepts I grasped in my early twenties.  I love that the roots that are growing will never be able to be extinguished from their young hearts.  Because, He loves them too.  He loves them so much – and I want to honor Him by teaching them all about HIM.

There will not be a fancy meal here on Sunday – almost makes me chuckle.  I could get wrapped around the outward celebration – the big meal, the basket of goodies, the eggs hidden.  But guess what?  God is not asking that of me this year.  How do I know?

Well, our oven is broken and the repair person cannot get here until Monday.  So I laugh.  Really?  How do you cook for 6 without an oven?  Well, he did allow it to work long enough to get some bread yesterday before hit died.  So, we will manage.  But Easter here will not be about the meal.  It will be about a man.  An amazing man.  A man who gave me more than I could ever give back.  Unless?  Unless I am not supposed to give back to him, except by giving to others.  To sharing the story.  Maybe with a class of 4th graders?  A new story to their ears.  Or a class of 1st graders, most of which know the story, but who can hear it enough?  So, I sit here, trying to give back, planting seeds in my home, planting seeds in my church, and anywhere else I can find some soil, I will plant.

I love Easter.  I love that it pierces my heart, and I hope that it pierces yours this week. 

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